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Godly Womanhood
The Eyes That Are Upon Me PDF Print
Written by Holly at Choosing Home   
Thursday, 23 February 2006
She’s watching me, and the stakes are high.

I can speak holiness, but can I live it?

I can claim a change in heart, but can I choose to put it into action throughout the day?

I’m pressed, mauled, exhausted, drained…put through the masher.

The demands are huge, threatening to take me under.

But her eyes are upon me, observing either my short temper that seems justified by pressure and lack of sleep, or my firm resolve to speak in a quiet voice and touch with love.  Read More

Busy at Home PDF Print
Written by Carmon Friedrich   
Thursday, 23 February 2006
I get the impression that when I speak of the home-centered calling of a woman that the sparks fly because it is perceived that I’m consigning women to an unstimulating, stultifying existence and keeping them from the real world of challenges and excitement. I’ve barely begun to explore the possibilities that exist for ministry, business, and education, as well as improving domestic skills, within the home, but I hope I’ve sparked some ideas this time, rather than angry sparks.  Read More

God?s Good Gifts PDF Print
Written by Amy Scott   
Saturday, 18 February 2006
One of my heros, missionary Amy Carmichael, wrote, “Don’t imagine that by crossing the sea and landing on a foreign shore and learning a foreign lingo you ‘burst the bonds of outer sin and hatch yourself a cherubim.’ ” No, dying to self is a daily thing. Just as crossing the sea doesn’t make a holy missionary, birthing a child won’t make one patient, kind, and loving. I know this.  Read More

An Address for Mothers from an 1838 Tea Party PDF Print
Written by Unknown   
Monday, 01 August 2005
Our meeting today has special reference to ourselves and to our children. We meet as mothers, to provoke one another to love and to good works--to call up to remembrance our past negligences, and to combine our renewed determinations to serve God in our families, with earnest supplication for the divine assistance and blessing. Standing, as we do, on the brink of the old year and the borders of the new, surely it is an appropriate season for devout acknowledgment, tenderhearted confession, and united prayer. If our heavenly Father will require at our hands that which is past, shall we not carefully review it, and seriously inquire, "What have I done?" What have I done for my own soul--what have I done for the eternal welfare of my beloved children? Have I been faithful to my solemn responsibility?
Read More

Jennie B. and the Pilot - a Father/Daughter Love Story PDF Print
Written by Mrs. Chancey   
Friday, 01 July 2005
We are delighted to be able to offer the message given by Jennie Chancey (of Ladies Against Feminism and Sense and Sensibility Patterns) at Vision Forum's 2005 Father/Daughter Retreat. This wonderful message is a loving tribute to Mrs. Chancey's father, as well as a clear and beautiful explanation of Biblical womanhood. Included is Mrs. Chancey's testimony of being homeschooled, going away to college, being indoctrinated into feminist thinking there and, finally, her journey out of feminism. Highly recommended, especially for young, unmarried women still under their father's roof. Gather the family together to listen (little boys will enjoy hearing the stories about Mrs. Chancey's pilot father)! You will be encouraged and inspired (and most likely moved to tears!)! This message is not copyrighted so please feel free to distribute it to others!

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