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Scriptual Romance
Betrothal: Should We Kiss Courtship Goodbye? PDF Print
Written by Israel Wayne   
Tuesday, 27 December 2005
Courtship is taking the nation by storm. It seems any homeschool convention of substance has some “expert” on marriage preparation who usually explains how courtship is a wise and even “Biblical” alternative to dating. Even the secular media is jumping on the bandwagon, talking about the newest hair-brained scheme of these radical homeschoolers. “What will they think of next?!"
Of Princes and Fairy Tale Dreams PDF Print
Written by Brook Wayne   
Tuesday, 27 December 2005
The dream of a prince coming at last to ask your father for your hand in marriage holds a mixture of yearnings, hopes, and trepidation (as the possibility might seem so slim) and these dreams can almost be intoxicating for young women. In that time of youth before marriage, hopes of that romantic relationship can be so strong that many young women begin spending time—in fact, great quantities of time—thinking and dreaming about their “prince,” just who he will be, or what he will be like, or how he will come. At surface glance, these daydreams might seem harmless enough, but sadly, they are often tearing down the young woman’s strength to remain emotionally pure, and in fact, could be pictured as the pretty flower beds leading down the wrong path of romantic loves outside of marriage.
The Princess and the Kiss: Radio Broadcast PDF Print
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 27 December 2005
Touching Children's story as a radio broadcast from FamilyLife.com Listen Here

Never Been Kissed: A Home-School Love Story PDF Print
Written by Doug Phillips   
Tuesday, 27 December 2005
 Deep in the Hill Country of South Central Texas, on a quiet ranch, the world is about to change. There are no newspapers, there is no public fanfare -- but most of the more than 600 people gathered know they are about to witness something that the majority of Americans will never experience: A truly pure woman is about to covenant in marriage with a truly virtuous man for the stated purpose of building a multi-generational legacy for the glory of God. Read More

The Dangers on Your Bookshelf PDF Print
Written by Mrs. Jennifer Dewing   
Tuesday, 27 December 2005
I have always been a romantic. I've always loved the thought of the "damsel in distress" and the hero who comes to save her. When I was young, I imagined myself as the young, beautiful maiden who is intrigued by the dashing rouge. The one who, with her innocence and virtues, subdues and "captures" him. This typs of imagining seems quite common, perhaps even acceptable. But is it? Where does it come from? Read More

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