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Thursday, 30 August 2007

From Vision Forum

B.C. History of the World Mega Conference Audio CDs
 by The Vision Forum, Inc
Covering the first four millennia of earth history, B.C. contains twenty lectures from the 2006 History of the World Mega-Conference, covering the pre-flood world, the history of the ancient Babylonians, the Hebrew nation, the establishment of Rome, as well as ancient legal systems. These presentations are designed to dispel anti-Christian myths of historiography, establish a distinctively biblical grid for interpreting historical events, while covering, millennium by millennium, key themes in the rise and fall of civilizations.19 Hours. 20 Messages on 20 CDs.

A.D. History of the World Mega Conference Audio CDs Set by The Vision Forum, Inc
Beginning with Christ's incarnation, A.D. contains lectures from the 2006 History of the World Mega Conference covering the rise of Byzantium and fall of Rome, the history of the Church, the history of the law of nations, Islam, and the establishment of America, concluding with a review of the twentieth century. Each lecture emphasizes the providence of God over every detail of history. 19 Hours. 20 Messages on 20 CDs.

History of the World: Complete Set
Covering all six millennia of earth history, the Complete Audio Collection covers topics such as the ancient Hebrew nation, the rise and fall of Rome, the history of the church, the history of the law of nations, Islam, the establishment of American and much more! Save 21%

Unwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Confirms the Biblical Timeline--Book and DVD
By John Ashton & David Down / Master Books
Egyptology has long been the domain of evolutionary archaeologists and chronologists who have used their work to challenge the authority of Scripture. In Unwrapping the Pharaohs, the authors have tackled a subject that has fascinated American boys and girls for over a hundred years, doing so in a manner that instructs, excites, and brings glory to God.

From Jamestown to Jubilee: The 2004 Faith & Freedom Tour Audio CD Set by The Vision Forum, Inc
Experience the 2004 Faith and Freedom Tour, from the Jamestown Settlement, to Williamsburg, to Monticello, and beyond. In this album, you will learn about the true story of the Jamestown colony and Captain John Smith, hear Patrick Henry’s famous cry of “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!”, visit Mt. Vernon, tour the Virginia Military Institute, hear a tribute around Stonewall Jackson’s grave, and much more. Listen as Doug Phillips and Historian Bill Potter tell the stories of the Great Awakening, the early charters, and anecdotes about our godly ancestors and Patriots of colonial Virginia.

Landmarks and Liberty: The 2003 Faith and Freedom Tour Audio CD Set by The Vision Forum, Inc
Once upon a time, there were giants in the land. We have forgotten about these giants because we have removed the ancient landmarks from our children. Those landmarks were the histories of God's providential mercies, once told to every schoolboy and girl by grateful fathers and mothers. To build a future for our children, we must remember the past, but we must see the past through the lens of biblical Christianity. We must be grateful for the hand of God in our nation and we must teach our children to be grateful (Psalm 78). Toward this end, Vision Forum Ministries is pleased to present Landmarks & Liberty: The 2003 Faith & Freedom Tour, recorded on location in historic Massachusetts. From Plymouth Rock to Boston Harbor to Lexington Green - through this album you will learn about the signing of the Mayflower Compact, the Witch Trial proceedings at Salem, the Battle of Lexington with its "shot heard round the world," and more. Listen as Doug Phillips, Paul Jehle, and Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler tell the stories of the godly Pilgrims, Puritans, and Patriots of early New England who helped forge our nation even as they kept covenant with God.8 CDs, 600 minutes.

A Comprehensive Defense of the Providence of God in the Founding of America (21 DVDs)
We believe that each of these messages from The Jamestown Quadricentennial: A Celebration of America's Providential History is a "must-see" by every Christian in America who wants to pass on our godly heritage to their children, give them context for why our nation is great and blessed by God, and provide hope for the future generations.

To Have and to Hold: A Tale of Providence and Perseverance in Colonial Jamestown By Mary Johnston, edited by Josh & Sarah Wean / The Vision Forum, Inc
A fledgling colony on the shores of the James River struggles desperately to survive and earn the good will of the King of England while Spanish dons, ruthless pirates, and lurking Indians plot to destroy Jamestown and its handful of colonists. Meanwhile, a simple, godly soldier braves all odds to defend his honor and his duty to uphold God’s sacred laws.

Of Plymouth Plantation, Hardcover by William Bradford / The Vision Forum, Inc
Few people realize that America was founded because a devout band of non-conformist Christians lived and breathed the covenant promises of Jesus Christ. Though the Pilgrims left England because of religious persecution, they actually left Holland to protect their children from ungodly influences. These parents risked everything to protect their young. Bradford boldly proclaimed that these families were willing to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, "even though they [the Pilgrims] be but stepping stones" for future generations of Christians they would never meet. 353 pages, hardcover.

Plymouth in the Words of Her Founders by Dr. Paul Jehle / The Vision Forum, Inc
For the first time ever, visitors to Plymouth can have a well-documented overview of the monuments and sites of America’s spiritual birthplace in the words of the founders of Plymouth and America themselves. 148 pages, softcover.

Pilgrims vs. Indians CD by the Vision Forum
This compact disc addresses these issues and seeks to answer questions like: Should we respect pagan cultures or seek to transform them? Is paganism noble? Did the Pilgrims steal land from the Indians? 1 CD. 80 minutes.

Providential Battles Vol. 1 Audio CD By The Vision Forum, Inc
In this four-part album, Christian historian William Potter provides a providential interpretation of twenty of the greatest military battles in the world, which altered the course of history, serving strategic roles in God’s unfolding plan.. Over 257 Minutes.

Providential Battles II: Epic Conflicts that Changed the World
From the Thirty Years War, to the events surrounding the Russian army and forces of the Empire of the Rising Sun colliding in Tsushima in 1905 — each unfolding saga will leave you grateful for God’s orchestrating hand in the affairs of men.

Christians vs. Deists - CD by The Vision Forum, Inc
These days, it is not surprising to hear leading Christian thinkers refer to our Founding Fathers as Deists. In so doing, they mimic the gobbledeegook being spouted by the architects of historical confusion which dominate modern academia.

Patriots vs. Tories - CD by The Vision Forum, Inc
The British described the War for Independence as a “Presbyterian parson’s rebellion,” because of the overwhelming influence of the American clergy on our battle for freedom. But was the War biblically justified?

Yankees vs. Rebels - CD by The Vision Forum, Inc
Slavery? States Rights? Economic pressure? Regional politics? What were the true causes of the War Between the States?

The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters By Logan Marshall
A Vision Forum exclusive, we republished this classic from 1912 which tells the true story of the sacrifice of the men on the R.M.S. Titanic in the hope of promoting the doctrine of “women and children first.” Hardcover.

Sergeant York and the Great War by Alvin York
Sergeant York was a man with such a simple, unflappable, child-like faith that he trusted God while looking death in the eye.

The League of Grateful Sons, DVD by The Vision Forum, Inc
Introduce your children to the godly legacy of the fathers of World War II. Returning to Iwo Jima for the 60th anniversary of that epic battle, tough-as-nails Marine Bill Henderson and P-51 Mustang flyboy Bill Brown share the providences of God and the lessons they learned with their sons and daughters. Includes archival footage and wartime letters. Filmed on location. 75 minutes.

From CBD

Stories of the Pilgrims, Second Edition By Margaret B. Pumphrey / Christian Liberty Press
Faith, bravery, perilous journeys, hardships---the stories of the Pilgrims make for exciting reading! This illustrated text follows the Pilgrims from England to Holland to the New World. Your students will meet William Brewster, Miles Standish, John Alden, Massasoit, and others, and learn how our nation was founded on Christian principles. Includes comprehension questions throughout. Grade 4. 244 pages, softcover.

The Mayflower Pilgrims By Edmund Janes Carpenter / Christian Liberty Press
This book by Edmund J Carpenter tells the story of the establishment of Plymouth colony. It includes sketches of the lives of well-known Pilgrim settlers. Young people will understand the true motivations and struggles of the Pilgrims as they read this book. This book contains several pictures and illustrations. Grade 9 and up.

Boys and Girls of Colonial Days (Revised) By Carolyn Sherwin Bailey / Christian Liberty Press
Relive history from a 10-year-old's viewpoint! Your kids will relish these illustrated stories about boys and girls who experienced firsthand our nation's struggle for liberty. They'll encounter historical figures like George Washington, Sam Adams, Betsy Ross, and Ben Franklin along the way. 121 pages, softcover.

History Stories for Children
The value of storytelling has long been realized, especially in the subject of history, where storytelling has always played a central role. This selection of stories features biblical and old-world characters, as well as a strong emphasis upon American history. Illustrations and gentle chapters are written for both oral readings as well as individual silent reading. 195 pages, softcover.

History For Little Pilgrims By Christian Liberty Press
Designed to give children a providential view of history, this colorful and engaging book covers world history in an age appropriate manner, always careful to point out how God was at work during each age. Seamlessly weaving together vocabulary, world history, the Bible and geography, this integrated reader is filled with eye catching photos and illustrations to catch little ones' eyes, and the engaging text will keep older children engrossed. Words to Know, projects and reviews are included at the end of each chapter. 122 pages, softcover.

History for Little Pilgrims Coloring Book By Christian Liberty Press
38-Page coloring book for young learners of history includes pages to color on creation, the Fall, the life of Abraham, and then moves to the Apostle Paul, and more contemporary leaders such as Patrick Henry, John Calvin, and Dwight Moody. Scripture quotations. (NKJV) For children in grade one and older.

A Child's Story of America, Second Edition By Michael McHugh / Christian Liberty Press
From the launching of the Santa Maria to the landing of the space shuttle, U.S. history has unfolded under divine authority. Introduce your fourth and fifth graders to heroic figures and important events including John Winthrop, George Washington, Sam Houston, the signing of the Mayflower Compact, the Great Awakening, the Boston Tea Party, and more. Includes end-of-chapter study questions. 202 pages, softcover.

John Bunyan: The Tinker of Bedford By William Deal / Christian Liberty Press
Do your 8-to-12 year olds know who John Bunyan was? Your kids will be fascinated by the story of how he was imprisioned for preaching the gospel and jused his time in jail to write the classic The Pilgrim's Progress.

Robert E. Lee, the Christian By William J. Johnson / Christian Liberty Press
 Reprinted from a classic, this biography follows Robert E. Lee from boyhood to the end of his life, as a man who depended on his God and took his faith seriously. 25 chapters, 301 pages with index and helps. An excellent history source for grades 6 and up.

The Life of General Stonewall Jackson By Mary L. Williamson / Christian Liberty Press
This biography provides readers with a lively account of the exploits of Thomas Jackson, both prior to and during the War Between the States. Individuals who read this text will learn why Stonewall Jackson was respected and honored by Americans in both the North and the South.

The Story of Inventions By Michael McHugh / Christian Liberty Press
Great inventions, historical biographies, strong morals, and the godly character traits necessary for success are highlighted in this collection of stories. From the steam engine and the printing press to television and computers, a wide range of inventions is covered in short chapters that include reading comprehension questions. For older elementary students. 354 pages, softcover from Christian Liberty Press.
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